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buddyboost challenge

In May 2022, we’ll be launching a new 26 day challenge for St Helens called buddyboost, aimed at encouraging residents and workers across the borough to be more active as part of a group of friends, family or colleagues supporting each other along the way.

Taking part in the buddyboost challenge is designed to help you to boost your mood, boost your self-confidence and feel less stressed.

What’s the challenge?

Starting on Sunday 1st May and running for the whole month, buddyboost encourages you to do at least 26 minutes of physical activity a day for 26 days in the month.

You choose the activities you want to do and the group of people you’d like to support each other with! Activities could include walking, jogging, cycling, yoga, dancing, gardening or anything else that gets your heart pumping.

After you’ve completed your 26 minutes of activity, you log it on the free buddyboost app. You can complete the buddyboost challenge on your own or you can set up a buddy group of friends, family or colleagues, and you can see what activities your buddies have been logging and send each other motivational messages and photos as part of your challenge.

If you would like to receive details of how to share this challenge through your workplace then please complete the form below.

What people have said about the buddyboost challenge in St Helens

“It challenges me to run every day, something that I have never done before.”

“I feel like my mental health has been hugely improved.”

“I realised that it doesn’t take much to do half an hour of exercise, but you feel so much better for it.”

“Engaging with colleagues through the app and the team spirit and competition it created was good for morale.”

“I walked each day, whereas I usually would have taken the car.”

Sign-up information for residents

Signing up for the buddyboost campaign is quick and simple, and can be done by using the following link https://buddyboost.page.link/download-buddyboost on your mobile device to direct you to the app store for your Android or Apple device. Simply download the app, register for an account, say YES I'm part of the St Helens buddyboost challenge and then you are ready to take part! You'll be able to post photos, messages
and cheer on your fellow buddyboosters in the St Helens Community Feed.

For further information about how to use the app please visit the buddyboost website, where you will find answers to FAQs and inspiring ideas about how to stay active across the 26 day challenge. 

Information for St Helens workplaces

We’re anticipating dozens of organisations from across St Helens borough, big and small, to be taking part in the buddyboost challenge, and we’d love to see your organisation sign up and take part too.

We know from evidence that employees who are more physically active take fewer days off sick, have a lower turnover and are more productive in their role. This campaign is designed to help both your organisation and your employees’ health and wellbeing, focusing on a feel good activity designed to bring your teams closer together.

Employees can do their activity either in non-work time or during working hours, depending on your company’s own policies, flexi-working or shift patterns – you may also consider allowing staff the 26 minutes of paid time to do their exercise to encourage them to take part. We can also keep in touch with your organisation to let you know how many of your colleagues have taken part and what benefits they have gained as a result of taking part.

We’re asking organisations to pre-register their interest with a named champion or point of contact within each business so that we can send you some further information about the campaign. We’ll make it as quick and easy as possible for you to then be able to disseminate this information across your workforce. Please complete the form below to be sent further information, and if you have any further questions please email active@sthelens.gov.uk

Workplace sign-up form

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